Bagan Keyboard Download Old & Latest Version 2023

Download a Bagan keyboard file according to your phone version. There is no alternative to Bagan keyboard for typing in Burmese language. Install Bagan keyboard app is completely safe, no malware. Thanks for downloading with trust on our official site.

Download Bagan keyboard
Size 33.67 MB
Downloads  1,419,370

Download Bagan keyboard APK

Download and install Bagan Keyboard easily

Follow the guideline below to download and install Bagan keyboard on your device.

Downloading Bagan Keyboard APK:

  • Open the browser: Chrome, Firefox, or your choice.
  • Search: Bagan Keyboard APK Download!
  • Choose your source: Beware of downloads! Choose a safe site.
  • Download: Click on the Download button.

Installing the Bagan Keyboard APK:

Find the file: Go to Downloads folder and find Bagan Keyboard APK. Click on APK. Your device may ask for permission. Go to settings and allow.

Install: Click Install. Wait a bit, and when the install is finished open it and enjoy!


Bagan keyboard APK Is Not Working? Get tips for resolving problem

Download Bagan keyboard APK Older Version

File Name Version Size Download
Bagan keyboard 14.22.apk 14.22 33.5 MB
Bagan Keyboard 14.20.apk 14.20 33.5 MB
Bagan keyboard 14.18.apk 14.18 33.5 MB
Bagan keyboard 14.16.apk 14.16 33.8 MB
Bagan keyboard 14.15.apk 14.15 33.7 MB
Bagan keyboard 14.14.apk 14.14 33.7 MB

Why Bagan keyboard not working?

Do you have any problems with the Bagan Keyboard APK? Many people face this problem; let's try to solve some of these major problems.

1. Installation problems

  • Problem: Problems installing Garden Keyboard APK.
  • Solution: Make sure "Unknown Sources" is enabled in your device settings. Turn it on by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

2. No keyboard display

  • Problem: Garden keyboards are not always visible.
  • Solution: Verify that your default input method is a bagan keyboard. Select Bagan Keyboard under Settings > Language & Input > Default Keyboard.

3. Keyboard freezes or crashes

  • Problem: The Bagan keyboard crashes regularly.
  • Solution: Update the app to the latest version from our website (avoid visiting websites operated by third parties). Older versions may contain viruses and errors.

4. Ineffective prophetic text

  • Problem:  Autocorrect and predictive text are faulty.
  • Solution: Verify that predictive text is turned on in Bagan keyboard settings. Make sure "Predictive text is turned on" under Settings > Language & input > Bagan keyboard > Text correction.

5. Problematic keyboard arrangement

  • Problem: The keyboard layout is incorrect.
  • Solution: Personalize the keyboard layout. You can change the layout in Bagan keyboard settings to match your typing style.

6. Problems with language and speech

  • Problem: The keyboard doesn't have a dictionary for your language or doesn't support it.
  • Solution: Make sure you download the appropriate dictionary and language pack for the Bagan keyboard. These preferences are available in Keyboard Settings. 


The problems with Bagan Keyboard APK are very minor, but most of them can be solved with a few simple steps as per the instructions above. Stay tuned, Bagan Keyboard.