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Info of Bagan Keyboard APK


Name  Bagan Keyboard APK
Version  14.23 
Category  Keyboards
Size  33.67 MB
Required  4.0 and up
Price  Free
Languages supported  Burmese, Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 more
Update  1 Day Ago

Available Bagan keyboard APK older version, download from here

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Introduction Bagan keyboard APK

Bagan Keyboard APK is a popular Myanmar Burmese keyboard that allows communication in Burmese language. You can use it as default keyboard on your mobile. Bagan Keyboard allows you to communicate in Burmese perfectly and remotely wherever you are and it comes complete with auto suggestions. It provides you with predefined shortcut phrases. It listens to your every typing action and delivers your favorite phrases. Allows the use of both Zawgyi and Myanmar Unicode. Also known as Bagan keyboard, Burmese keyboard, Zhaogi keyboard, Myanmar Unicode keyboard. Bagan keyboard is compatible with Jaogi font, Myanmar Unicode font, Unicode font, Myanmar font, Burmese font. Bagan keyboard allows typing Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 and also supports Thai keyboard layouts. Bagan Keyboard APK is free to use themes, voice typing, auto suggestion text, emoji, customization and all other features. Want a better keyboard in your Burmese language? First, we have provided you the latest APK download link for Bagan Keyboard latest v14.23 above.

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About Bagan keyboard APK

Bagan Keyboard is a Myanmar keyboard app for Android and iOS to communicate in Burmese language. This keyboard is for instant communication in Burmese language. Bagan keyboard allows you to communicate in Burmese language quickly and easily. Bagan Keyboard Apk has a user-friendly UI that makes communication easy and fast for the user. With over 10 million downloads, Bagan keyboard is one of the most used Burmese keyboards. It is used for typing in Myanmar language, which makes communication in Myanmar's local language easy and enjoyable. Users of this keyboard software can personalize their typing experience with its user-friendly design and many customization possibilities. The functionality and practicality of messaging, social media or digital communication input is enhanced with Bagan Keyboard APK. The popularity of the Bagan keyboard among Burmese users is due to its various features. Bagan keyboard that suggests words and phrases as you type. Bagan keyboard is compatible with Jaogi font, Myanmar unicode font, Myanmar font and Burmese font. Bagan keyboard provides Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 more. Using the swipe keyboard, you can type text by moving your finger across the screen. A feature that allows users to converse while typing using voice. This keyboard lets you change themes, typefaces and key sizes for free, and use emojis and stickers. Bagan keyboard apps on our website provide full functionality and the highest level of security

What is  Bagan Keyboard APK?

Bagan Keyboard APK is an application for Myanmar Burmese language communication for smartphones. Also known as Bagan keyboard, Burmese keyboard, Zhaogi keyboard, Myanmar Unicode keyboard. It allows users to type in English, Shan, Man, Thai and Burmese Zhaogi and Unicode. This keyboard is designed to make Burmese typing in Myanmar easy. Free Bagan keyboard to download and use. Bagan Keyboard offers all the features like free layouts, themes and stickers. Bagan Keyboard is a well-liked keyboard program for Myanmar (Burmese) language on Android, tablet and computer. People who speak and write Burmese find the application easy to communicate and use as it enables users to write with distance and precision. This keyboard allows users to use many languages including Burmese. Personalizes the input and typing experience.

Why Bagan Keyboard APK?

Reasons for choosing Bagan Keyboard

  • a quick, effective keyboard that can encode characters in both Zawgyi and Unicode
  • Having words and phrases suggested to you as you write can save you time and effort.
  • From a variety of keyboard layouts, you may choose the Bagan Style, Thajin Style, and Unicode Style.
  • Burmese voice typing is a very useful feature for hands-free typing.
  • Emoji and symbol search and input are available on the Bagan Keyboard, and Zawgyi Unicode conversion is also available.


Bagan Keyboard is famous for its user-friendly interface, fast communication, fast typing, emojis, themes, and layouts, in addition to the above-mentioned features.

Benefits of using Bagan Keyboard 

  • Typing speed and accuracy The keyboard layout makes typing in Burmese faster and more accurate than other keyboards.
  • A great way to reduce fatigue and cut down on voice typing time, not having to type for long periods of time.
  •   Burmese typing Bagan keyboard saves you time and effort.
  • Advanced communication By supporting both Zawgyi and Unicode encoding, you can communicate with people in Burmese language.


Bagan Keyboard is a powerful and fast communication keyboard that can make Burmese typing faster, more precise.

Bagan Keyboard APK Features

These features make Bagan Keyboard APK a flexible and user-friendly keyboard program for global customers that allows typing in the local Burmese language of Myanmar and Tripping in Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 languages.

Multilingual Support

Bagan Keyboard supports Burmese, English, and many more languages and scripts. It helps worldwide communication by targeting a global audience.

User-Friendly design

The keyboard's easy design makes it suitable for all tech levels. Its features and settings are easy to use.

Themes and customization

Bagan Keyboard lets users customize the keyboard's design to fit their taste and preferences. You may change keyboard backgrounds, key shapes, colors, and more.

Smart Autocorrect and Predictive Text

The keyboard reduces typing mistakes and speeds up text input with smart autocorrect and predictive text. It proposes words and sentences as you write, speeding up and improving accuracy.


Bagan Keyboard lets users type by gliding their finger over the keyboard. This improves typing speed and convenience.

Voice Input

For individuals who prefer speaking to typing, voice input lets users dictate text.

Emojis and Stickers

The keyboard has several emojis and stickers to convey emotions and personalise messages.

Regular Updates

Bagan Keyboard's creators offer updates to improve performance, compatibility with new Android versions, and introduce new features. Continuous typing improvement benefits users.

Compatibility Across Platforms

Bagan Keyboard works with Android, iOS, and PC. This guarantees a uniform typing experience across devices.

Global Community

Bagan Keyboard has a worldwide user base that appreciates its features and advantages. This community makes the experience rich and varied for all users.

Old Versions Available

Bagan Keyboard provides older keyboard variants for compatibility and other purposes.

Enhanced Language Input

The keyboard has Burmese-specific layouts and features to facilitate typing faster.

How to Bagan Keyboard APK Download for Android 

The new version of the popular Myanmar Bagan keyboard is first updated on our official site. Follow our site to get quick updates, and follow the instructions below to download the latest version of Bagan keyboard.

Available youtube pro apk older version, download from here


  • Open Chrome on your device.
  • Search the website bagan keyboard apk.
  • Click on the first result.
  • Scroll down and click on the "Download" button.
  • Follow the instructions to download the apk.


Bagan keyboard apk is high security and malware free. You can safely download it to your phone

How to Install Bagan Keyboard APK on Android

Enable unknown sources on your Android device to install the Bagan Keyboard APK file. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and hit the switch.


  • Open your device's file manager and navigate to where the download file is saved.
  • Find the Bagan Keyboard APK file you downloaded.
  • Install the Bagan Keyboard app.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Bagan Keyboard app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Configure Bagan Keyboard

  • Open Bagan Keyboard > Allow > Select Bagan Keyboard.
  • Click on the switch or dot next to the Bagan keyboard.
  • Accept & Continue > Continue > Allow > Skip > OK.
  • Open the message box and enjoy the bagan keyboard.

Start Using Bagan Keyboard


  • Open any app that accepts typing, such as Messenger, Notepad, and Chrome.
  • Swap your Bagan keyboard text input by tapping on it. It has Myanmar, Burmese, English, and Thai languages.
  • Choose your language and type with the Bagan Keyboard.
  • If it doesn't, clear your bagan keyboard data, reopen it, and set it according to the instructions.


Finished! After installing and configuring the Bagan Keyboard APK on your Android smartphone, you may use it for multilingual typing and customisation.

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How to Get Started with Bagan Keyboard APK For the First Time

After the Bagan keyboard app installation is complete, you need to set your device as the default keyboard.

Enable Bagan Keyboard

  • Go to Settings: Open your smartphone device settings.
  • Language and Input: Find and click the "Language and Input" or "System" section.
  • Virtual keyboard: select Bagan keyboard, depending on your device.
  • Manage keyboards: Manage input methods. which supports multiple languages, including Burmese. May your communication be speedy and pleasant.
  • Enable Bagan Keyboard: Open Bagan Keyboard > Allow > Select Bagan Keyboard. Click the switch or dot next to the bagan keyboard. Accept and continue > Continue > Allow > Skip > OK. Enabled to use the keyboard.
  • Set as default: After activating the Bagan Keyboard, you will see a warning about security. Tap on it, and then, to make sure you understand the risks,

Configure Bagan Keyboard

  • Select the input method: type a keyboard when messaging your friend. Open the Bagan keyboard on your phone and set it as the default keyboard.
  • Keyboard Settings: You can customize layout, appearance, and language settings by going to Bagan keyboard settings.
  • Language selection: In the keyboard settings, you can also select the language you want to use, Burmese or English.


These features make Bagan Keyboard APK a flexible and user-friendly keyboard program for global customers that allows typing in the local Burmese language of Myanmar and Tripping in Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 languages.

How to Use a Bagan Keyboard APK?

Tips for using Bagan Keyboard:

  • Select your favorite Myanmar Unicode or Zawgyi keyboard layout in keyboard settings.
  • Choose from many keyboard theme and layout choices in the theme settings.
  • Turn on voice input and gesture typing under input settings.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the keyboard to open the bagan keyboard settings.

Tips for Writing in Myanmar Language:

  • Unicode is more compatible with contemporary devices and browsers than Zawgyi.
  • Fonts like Padauk or Noto Sans Myanmar support Myanmar characters.
  • Avoid frequent spelling errors using a spellchecker.
  • Swipe the globe icon or the space button to change the keyboard language.
  • Tap and hold a key while typing Burmese characters to see options.

How to Use Bagan Keyboard APK for iOS

Bagan Keyboard is a popular Myanmar keyboard used for fast communication. Myanmar keyboard app for iOS devices like iPhones and iPadsOne of the most popular Myanmar keyboards in the app store is a popular app for fast typing. Instructions are given below for easy and accurate use.

  • Open the Store on your iPhone in the Apple Store.
  • Enter the Bagan keyboard in the search box and click on the first result.
  • Click the download button to download and install.

Once the app is installed, open Apps and set it as the default keyboard. Follow all the instructions in the app.

Ease of using Bagan Keyboard for iOS

  • Bagan keyboard is easy to use.
  • Supports Myanmar Zawgyi and Unicode fonts.
  • Includes smart typing suggestions, voice typing, and shortcut phrases.
  • You can use different keyboard themes.
  • It can be downloaded for free.

If you're looking for a keyboard for iOS, I recommend the best keyboard app for you, which is very popular among Myanmar users. Download now.

How to Use Bagan Keyboard APK for PC

Bagan keyboard is a popular Myanmar keyboard used for fast communication. There are some rules to follow for PC usage. Follow the rules below.

  • Download BlueStacks for PC .
  • Follow the on-screen steps to install BlueStacks.


Launch BlueStacks

  • After installation, start BlueStacks on PC.

Google Sign In

  • BlueStacks' Google Play Store requires Google login.

Install Bagan Keyboard APK

  • Open Chrome from BlueStacks and search for Bagan Keyboard APK.
  • Download Bagan Keyboard APK
  • Install this file manager from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the APK from the file manager download location.

Configure Bagan Keyboard

Once bagan keyboard installation is complete, open the app and set the default keyboard as per instructions; otherwise, follow the rules.

  • Open BlueStacks settings (typically the gear icon) and choose "Language & Input" after installation.
  • Make the Bagan Keyboard your default input method.

Try Bagan Keyboard

  • Use BlueStacks to open text-input programmes like chat, web browsers, and word processors.
  • Tap a text area to open the keyboard.
  • BlueStacks should now display the Bagan Keyboard as your input method.
  • Use the Bagan Keyboard to type in your language.


Conclusion of Bagan Keyboard APK

Myanmar people find bagan keyboard Burmese language communication easy and distant. Made tripping in Burmese easier and more enjoyable. Bagan keyboard has many features for efficient typing like auto correction, word prediction and predictive text Download Bagan keyboard app to enjoy more features. Enjoy additional features like keyboard themes and customizations, which allow users to personalize their typing experience. Bagan Keyboard is a well-designed, feature-rich Burmese keyboard that is user-friendly and easy to use. It is customizable, allowing users to speed up their typing and use emojis, voice input, auto-suggests, themes, emojis, stickers, unicode fonts, Zawgyi fonts, Myanmar unicode fonts, Myanmar fonts and Burmese fonts. Bagan keyboard allows typing Shan, Mon, Thai, English 46 and also supports Thai keyboard layouts. Bagan Keyboard APK is safe and easy to use. Trusted by Myanmar users, Bagan Keyboard APK latest version 14.23 will make your typing more intuitive.



Awesome Interface

Bagan Keyboard APK Beautiful Interface

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bagan keyboard layout .png

Bagan keyboard APK FAQs

Bagan Keyboard APK, an Android keyboard app, supports Burmese (Myanmar) and offers several of customisation options.

Downloading Bagan Keyboard from Google Play Store or official website is as safe as downloading other programs. Similar to every program, using unofficial software has some risks. For security, download Bagan keyboard from our website and update security settings on your device.

Android users may get Bagan Keyboard APK here. For iOS, get the app from the App Store.

As of September 2023, Version 14.23 of Bagan Keyboard is the most recent version.

Version 12.5 APK and Version 4.4 APK are a few of the more vintage iterations of Bagan Keyboard.

Bagan Keyboard's 14.23 version is available for download via the website or app store.

Bagan Keyboard's version 12.5 APK is compatible with the Zawgyi, Unicode, Myanmar, and Burmese fonts.

Install the APK after downloading from our site and enabling "Unknown Sources" in your device settings Instructions are to provide a retrospective response.

The Bagan Keyboard Pro app for Android is more advanced. Compared to the standard version, it offers additional customizing options and capabilities. Themes, autocorrect, and other features are part of premium typing services.

Bagan keyboard made for Android. It usually requires an Android emulator like BlueStacks to run on a PC.

Themes and customization options are available for Bagan Keyboard. You may personalize your keyboard using these software settings.